November  21, 2012

Who’s “effgee”? 🙄

Hmmm… now that’s a good question, lol!

I’m a mom to my girl Jacki.  She’s a grown up so I’m not so much her “mom” these days … I’m her “Mum” now which is great (and I love my girl to bits!).

I have an interesting job that I like (I KNOW … I can’t believe I said that either … I’m one of the lucky few in that regard!).

I have cute little “condo size” dog named Sally who loves riding shotgun in her “doggie car-seat” and going for walks around the neighborhood (she sure stops a lot as we walk along the boulevard to check out and update “doggie facebook”).

Skinny lattes, country music, computers, container gardening, good conversation and long drives on a beautiful summer day make my list.

Let’s see … I like a good comedy, drama or suspense movie (no horror flicks though … just can’t watch ’em!).  I really enjoy sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement  (both are on my favorites list).  For my “Hollywood gossip” fix, I tune-in to Entertainment Tonight and TMZ.  I regularly PVR shows like FrontlineDoc Zone and The Nature of Things  along with various Discovery Channel/Discovery Science Channel  short series that get my attention (the latest is Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman  excellent!).

Current Affairs interest me and I try to stay informed by watching the news pretty much daily (dare I say that I actually like Peter Mansbridge on The National especially the “At Issue” panels he moderates).  I like CTV’s bent on things too.  I’m not big on American news channels per se although I do watch CNN if something really major happens in the world.  On the satirical side,  I think The Rick Mercer Report  can be pretty hilarious and although The Daily Show with Jon Stewart  is an American program, it does crack me up (he’s really funny!).

I love that I live in a place on this great big planet that has 4 distinct seasons!  And, believe it or not, I enjoy winter (there’s another “I KNOW – I can’t believe I just said that either” truth about me! lol … It must stem from a childhood spent on the skating rink, the toboggan hill and  the ski hill … not that I do much of that anymore … even so, I do like winter!).  Of the 4 seasons, fall is my favorite!  (Jacki was born in the fall which made me “luv” that time of year all the more!)  Spring’s good too … I really like summer but I must say that the extreme heat does nothing for me.  I’m good to about 25 or 26 degrees Celcius … once it goes much higher than that, I’m not so fussy about it.  (Oh, one sec … I’ll just add this … I guess I can handle the heat but only if I’m relaxing in a lawn chair in the shade … and I’m fine at night with either air conditioning or a really good fan … lol.)

I’m proud to be Canadian and feel extremely blessed to have been born here.

I’m also very proud and feel fortunate to be Albertan … it’s a great province to live in!  I much prefer the more rugged terrain in the northern half of Alberta over the dryer conditions found in most of the south.  (I love the trees especially the evergreens that flourish in the top half of the province … trees just don’t grow like that in southern Alberta).

I’m interested in politics and government and I like to know “what’s going on” at all 3 levels – federal, provincial and municipal.  I totally enjoy following election campaigns (on both sides of the border) and rarely have I missed an opportunity to cast my vote – a right and a duty in my view.  I much prefer the Canadian system of government over the American setup which I just don’t get … it seems so cumbersome … I don’t know how they get anything done!  Do they get anything done? lol.

So there you have it – a little blurb that gives a glimpse of “me”.  Overall, I’d say that I’m a bit of a home-body who rather likes living a quiet, uncomplicated life … well … about as uncomplicated as life ever gets I suppose!  We live in such a fast paced world that’s full of ups and downs/twists and turns  …  “as uncomplicated as possible” is always the goal.

I do hope you enjoy my blog and in the days to come, feel free to share your thoughts by leaving your comments on the various posts.   Bye for now and keep smiling!

effgee 🙂