The Accordion ๐Ÿ˜†

Update: ย September 25, 2016 – I just luv this piece! Click this link –>ย Biscayaย by James Last <–ย for someย pure auditory magic!ย Takes the “nerd” right out of accordion! ย ย (Here’s another awesome version ofย Biscaya again by James Last.)

The Accordion

The AccordionThis is the short story of the accordion. Yup … you heard it right … the accordion. It looked almost identical to the one pictured here and I played it for about 3 years! Oh sure, go ahead … laugh and laugh! (I am! lol …)ย 

Let’s go back … way back. It was early spring 1966 … I had turned 9 that past January and was in grade 3. I recall sitting in the living room one evening in the house on 64th Avenue … Dad, Mom, Russ and myself were there with a man whom I later came to know as Mr. Leno. He was apparently there to “test” Russ and I for any bent to music either of us might have.ย It was so exciting! If we could follow his very basic instructions, we would get to take music lessons!

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