Quite the Journey 🙂

November 22, 2012

Quite the Journey 🙂

Well, Hello There and Welcome to effgee’s World”!

What a Journey!What a different learning journey it’s been getting from “I know nothing about this whatsoever” all the way to “website/blog up and running”!  Although it’s not rocket science, I’m pretty surprized none the less at just how much I’ve learned these past couple of months about how websites work!  It’s pretty cool!

It all started one Sunday afternoon … I was kinda bored and thought, “my brain needs to learn something new”.  I was certain that I didn’t want to commit to attending a class once a week so online I went to search out what might be available here in the big E.  I soon found the Metro Continuing Education website and quickly “clicked” my way to the online courses.  I didn’t really have anything specific in mind although I thought upgrading my computer knowledge couldn’t hurt.  Then, as I skimmed through the list, I came across “Creating WordPress Websites” … I read the course details and signed up on the spot! 

Funny how things unfold … I quite like to write and now have this blog to blab, blab, blab in!  I think I’ll make it about whatever strikes a chord on any given day (or week perhaps … just can’t make a commitment to blab daily, lol)

Well, that’s about it for my 1st public post!  Who knows what I’ll be blabbin’ about next time!

Keep Smiling!

effgee 🙂