March 26, 2016

The House on 64th Avenue 🏡

Argyll, back in 1959, was a brand new development next to Hazeldean, itself a new’ish neighborhood that bordered Ritchie, a district born of the post World War 2 era. I have no memory of actually living in a “wartime house” in Ritchie but apparently we did. Then, when I was 2, my parents bought our brand new house in Argyll and it was there that my childhood memories were made … memories of growing up on Edmonton’s south side in the house on 64th Avenue!

The photo in the google maps link ^ above is “the house on 64th Avenue although it doesn’t quite look the way it did when I lived there. The exterior was white/blue stucco (mostly white). The front porch was wood not cement. The trees were younger … there was a bed of ferns along the right front (as you look at the house) … there was a yellow brick planter (see yellow brick that’s still around the front door) along the left front under the living room window (my sister scarred her left knee when she fell in while walking along the top of the planter), there were 2 cotoneasters … one next to the front the step the other at the end of the planter and the shingles on the roof were blue.

Here are some definitions of phrases you may come across in the posts found on this page, The House on 64th Avenue:

“the little store”:  A corner grocery store located on 66th Avenue and 83 Street on the little crescent where the S7 bus turned around to head back up to Whyte Avenue.

“the community hall”:  The Argyll Community Hall – a very small Hall that served many purposes … ie … skating shack in winter, pre-school kindergarten classroom, community meetings, etc.  Was far too small for things like wedding parties or community dances though.

“Argyll school”:  Argyll Elementary School where Protestant kids living in the district attended for grades 1 to 6.  Was located on the northeast side of Argyll bordering Mill Creek Ravine.

“the toboggan hill”: a toboggan spot in Mill Creek Ravine bordered on the east by 83 Street and the south by Argyll Road.  In the early days, Mill Creek ran down along the bottom of the ravine making tobogganing a bit dangerous … we all hit many a tree trying to stop those wooden toboggans and sleds before landing in the creek!  Eventually, the City put in a culvert that allows the creek to take it’s natural route but underground.  The trees were cleared and the area serves as an awesome toboggan hill to this day!

“the Catholic school”:  St. Dunstan’s Catholic Elementary School where Catholic kids living in the district attended for grades 1 to 6.  Was located on the west side of Argyll also bordering the Mill Creek Ravine.

“the radio room”:  Dad’s 60’s and 70’s man-cave … located downstairs in the house on 64th Avenue.  It was dubbed the radio room because one of his hobbies was being an amateur ham radio operator and that’s where he set up all his stuff … in the radio room!

To Be Continued … 🙂