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Something happened to me when I moved to Calgary in 1988 … I went from being a listener of light rock and pop to being a huge fan of country music!  It all started one day when I mentioned to one of my new co-workers that I couldn’t find a decent FM station.  She told me that since moving out west from Newfoundland and Labrador, she had started listening to country and I should consider giving that a try.  I went home and that evening, I watched a couple of music videos on CMT … then one Saturday afternoon, I watched a few more … then a few more … then one morning, I turned the dial to Country 105 CKRY FM and never turned it back!  Today, I listen to CISN 103.9 FM pretty much exclusively … ok, exclusively.  I know, eh!  Who’d have ever thought!

There are so many really talented country artists and musicians … and such a variety of sounds too.  Some people say today’s country leans too far into the “pop music” sound.  I agree, there’s a “pop” twist nowadays … but … the country sound is still there and while much country has a pop twist, most pop doesn’t have a country twist.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t like the “twang, twang” sound because I do … alot!  In my mind, there’s nothing better than the sound of a really good fiddler, a fab banjo picker or steel guitar aficionado accompanying good singer.  The talent!  Imagine being able to play a fiddle or a banjo like that!  Gotta love  it!  You’ll hear that “twang, twang” in the song I’ve started my playlist with … Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi … click here to listen –> My Playlist – Head Over Boots!

Check back often … I’ll be adding new music to my favorite songs list regularly.  Just click on the links to see the lyrics and youtube links to my favorite songs!  And, as always, feel free to leave a comment anytime … let me know what some of your favorite songs are! 🎼

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