Tribute to Alicia 🌿

 Tribute to Alicia 🌿

My sister-in-law passed away on July 16, 2016 and although Randy had let us know that Alicia had terminal cancer, when word came from him that she had died, I felt so sad. His world, forever changed … his family’s world, forever changed. At her funeral the following Thursday. I was touched seeing the big, loving family Alicia and Randy had created during the 29+ years they were together and felt compelled to write this tribute to Alicia, my brother’s wife who was also a mom, step mom, grandma, great grandma, sister, aunt and friend.

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Lazy? That’s a Bit Harsh! 😄

March 6, 2016

Lazy? That’s a Bit Harsh! 😄

Couch PotatoOr is it? Merriam Webster defines procrastinate in part as “to move or act slowly so as to fall behind; typically implies blameworthy delay especially through laziness or apathy”. Up to the “so as to fall behind” part of the definition, it all seemed so innocent! But then I looked up from my computer and thought … I haven’t dusted in 2 weeks because I “just didn’t feel like it” but now, I’ve “fallen behind” and I’m “procrastinating” about getting off my butt and doing it. Same with the Christmas lights I’d strung around the deck rail (because I just haven’t felt like it) and the cleaning up/organizing of the basement (because it’s going to entail a lot of “sorting of stuff” for donation to the Good Will Store or Value Village).

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Another Beautiful Sunday! 😊

February 28, 2016

Another Beautiful Sunday! 😊

DogThe sound of Sally scratching at the bedroom door had awoken me … aahhhh … Sunday morning! Only one better than Sunday is Saturday! 🙂  As I started coming into consciousness, I rolled over and opened one eye … hmmm … just after 9. Back over I went pulling the covers up almost over my head.  My room was super cold … just the way I like it. (And I do mean cold … late winter in Edmonton … window open a 3 or 4 inches … furnace vents in the room closed … fan blowing on me … brrrrr!). As I drifted off again, my only thought was “just a few more minutes … just a few … zzzzzzz …”

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Brand New Rides 🚙

February 27, 2016

Brand New Rides 🚙

It was summertime, 1961 maybe ’62 … I don’t remember much about that vacation … bits and pieces … I was still pretty little.  We had camped in Jasper in our big, green canvas tent for a day or 2. I remember driving up the winding mountain road to Miette Hot Springs where I’m certain we went in as us kids would’ve never stopped bawlin’ and hollerin’ if Dad had said no.

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Blowing A Gasket … Part 2 😐

February 13, 2016

Blowing A Gasket … Part 2 😐

Rusty's TruckRuss happened to be working an afternoon shift that Thursday and had been on his way to visit when he got my call. He arrived just as I was gathering my belongings. Shaky and a little unsteady, I was in slow mode.  I still couldn’t turn my head and my whole body ached after having been in bed for so long. Russ left to bring his truck to the front entrance while I finished getting ready and waited for an aid to bring a wheelchair.

The timing was near perfect … I’d been there barely a minute when Russ pulled up.  He helped me into the truck and as we drove away from the hospital, I felt a overwhelmed … it was so surreal. It seemed like I’d been gone for a long time. The everyday hustle and bustle of life had just carried on, uninterrupted, while my world over those last 6 days had been entirely exclusive of all that.

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Blowing a Gasket … Part 1 😖

February 6, 2016

Blowing A Gasket … The Day My Head Exploded!!! 

Well, not a gasket maybe but how about a blood vessel?  Oh ya …  I kid you not!  That was a day I won’t soon forget … the day my head exploded!

Busy Day At WorkJuly 4, 2014 … Friday … my favorite work day (if there is such a thing, lol) … casual dress so jeans and a T-shirt type top … and hot … it got to about 25 degrees Celsius or more that day.  Even the air conditioned office seemed warm.  Myself and a co-worker were on day 3 of the company-wide annual “reserve reconciliation” project.  We’d worked hard to ensure that all reserves in each of my files were reviewed over those last few days and finally, at about 5:10 pm, I put the last file back into the cabinet.  I could hardly wait to close up my desk, head home and get the weekend started!

We two were among the last few people in the office that day … everyone from our side of the building was long gone.  With my stuff put away and and the cabinets locked up, I made a quick stop at the biff … after all … 25 minutes on the Anthony Henday would be a long 25 minutes without a pre-trip pit stop, lol.  All I needed now was my purse and the car keys.

The walk back to my desk started briskly but then, out of nowhere and like a flash of lightning, I felt an excruciating pain in the back of my head.  It literally stopped me in my tracks.  As my co-worker was walking out the door, I heard her say, “Have a great weekend!” … “You too!” I called back … “Man I’ve got a splitting headache.”

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Childhood Friendships … Some Last A Lifetime! 😀

May 4, 2014

Childhood Friendships … Some Last A Lifetime! 😀

ButterflyYes, some childhood friendships do last a lifetime!  I’m reminded of that every time I think of my dear friend Donna.  We grew up living 5 doors apart and practically lived at each other’s houses from childhood to our early teens.  Oh … some of the adventures we had during those years!

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Ah Yes … Life Is Good! 😊

February 3, 2013

Ah Yes … Life Is Good! 😊

Woman - HappyFirst and foremost, I’ve just gotta give a “shout out … yahoo … good for you … so proud … and you go girl!!!”  to my totally fabulous daughter Jacki!  She was recently selected for a position with The City of Edmonton!  (I know, eh!  That’s so awesome isn’t it!  I’m really proud of her!)  Jacki enjoys “helping” people so starting her career as a civil servant in the 311 Information call centre is perfect!  There’s alot to learn too before a person is ready to “go live” in that position … new employees are given 3 weeks of full time training (I was just checking out the website … I didn’t realize how much “stuff” a  311 Information operator has to know!)  We had a good laugh though the other day when she told me they were “going back to the stone age … had a module on reading actual paper maps for transit trip planning … this is harder than you think Mum … don’t laugh till you try it …  and so glad I’m from the tech generation!”  What a great opportunity for job satisfaction, stability, benefits and career advancement.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for my sweet girl! And I’m sure Jacki will be very happy working for The City for many years to come!

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I Luv My Winter Tires! 😍

November 28, 2012

I Luv My Winter Tires! 😍

Woman - DrivingLet it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! Oh stop it … I’m kidding (am too! lol).  But … surprise, surprise!  It does happen every year in most parts of this big, beautiful province … yes … it snows!  Although we all know this is a fact, why is it that about a gazillion of the drivers out there have to learn how to drive all over again every time it snows from November to March!  (People!  Get with the program already!)

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