Hit By A Motorbike! 😖

Hit By A Motorbike! 😖

Hit By A MotorbikeYou may recall a post from June 2016 called “The New Bicycle” … well … this is the tale of one of my adventures (or misadventures! lol) on that turquoise Schwinn … yup, this is the account of that time I got hit by a motorbike!  (Ouch!!!)

It was a beautiful summer evening in 1966 … my bestie Donna and I were out riding around Argyll on our bikes.  Oh the freedom kids had back then!  I was 9 … Donna was 10 … the neighborhood was basically the “territory” that we were allowed to roam almost at will.  Of course, we always had to tell our Moms where we were going, who we’d be with and that we’d be home by dark but other than that, the era allowed for kids to be gone for hours at a time … free to explore, have adventures and have fun!!!  Free to get into all kinds of predicaments too … 😜

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The Accordion 😆

Update:  September 25, 2016 – I just luv this piece! Click this link –> Biscaya by James Last <– for some pure auditory magic! Takes the “nerd” right out of accordion!   (Here’s another awesome version of Biscaya again by James Last.)

The Accordion

The AccordionThis is the short story of the accordion. Yup … you heard it right … the accordion. It looked almost identical to the one pictured here and I played it for about 3 years! Oh sure, go ahead … laugh and laugh! (I am! lol …) 

Let’s go back … way back. It was early spring 1966 … I had turned 9 that past January and was in grade 3. I recall sitting in the living room one evening in the house on 64th Avenue … Dad, Mom, Russ and myself were there with a man whom I later came to know as Mr. Leno. He was apparently there to “test” Russ and I for any bent to music either of us might have. It was so exciting! If we could follow his very basic instructions, we would get to take music lessons!

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😖 I Sprained My Left Ankle

I Sprained My Left Ankle

Sprained Left Ankle I twisted my left ankle at work recently during one of those embarrassing little missteps …you know, a stumble over your own two feet. I stopped for a second, let the pain subside and carried on, limping slightly for the next 20 steps or so, cursing the uneven floor I’d stumbled over. I didn’t think about it again until later that day when I noticed that my ankle was a bit sore … nothing major … slight discomfort just beneath that bone that protrudes on the outside of your foot/ankle … the lateral malleolus. When the darn thing was still nagging a few days later, I was at a bit of a loss as to why. “It shouldn’t still be hurting.” I mumbled to myself. “I stumbled … that’s all.” As I contemplated this odd situation, idly rubbing in a big squirt of Rub – A535, a memory from long ago came floating by and I chuckled as I went back to that day in 1967 when I sprained my left ankle …

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The New Bicycle 🚵🏼

June 10, 2016

The New Bicycle 🚵🏼

The other day, while waiting at the Canadian Tire Customer Service desk to pick up the patio table I’d ordered online, I was passing the time by doing a bit of people watching when I noticed a young Dad and 2 little guys – twins – about 4, maybe 5 years old. Looking very bored, I could tell they’d been waiting for a bit but even so, they were quiet and well behaved. By and by, a clerk appeared carrying a cardboard box of something … what it contained, I wasn’t sure, but when the twins looked at each other, smiles wide, I knew it must for them. Still though, the Dad and the twins remained where they were … patiently waiting. A short while later, the clerk reappeared carrying a brand new bicycle! Bright and shiny, it was a pint-sized 2 wheeler complete with training wheels, streamers on the ends of the handle grips and a bell. Well, the looks on their faces! What a pair of cuties! I couldn’t help but share that precious moment by offering a big, happy grin of my own. The Dad smiled back while telling the boys, who by this time were giggling and jumping for joy, “I’ll build the other one when we get home … for now, you’ll have to share … rock/paper/scissors to see who rides first!”  As I watched them leave the store, the twins hand in hand, skipping along right behind the Dad, I was taken back … way back … to thoughts of my own brand new bicycle …

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White Go-Go Boots 👢

April 1, 2016

White Go-Go Boots 👢

go-go Girl

And speaking of “never taking no for an answer” (see Sheba, the Family Dog), another great memory of “begging, whining and pleading til I got it” was in the fall of 1966. I was 9 years old, in Grade 4 and attending Argyll Elementary School. A super cool TV show called The Monkees  (omg … I had the biggest crush on Davy Jones!) was a huge hit as were Lost In Space, Bewitched, The MunstersI Dream of Jeannie and The Outer Limits. Another new show, Go-Go 66 was also turning out to be all the rage.  This super hip program (or should I say groovy? lol) featured rock n’ roll music and, of course, the Go-Go Dancers” who wore the most awesome footwear I’d ever seen … white go-go boots! So cool!

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Sheba, the Family Dog 🐶

March 26, 2016

Sheba, the Family Dog 🐶

Dog - DachshundAlthough my mother has never come right out and said it, I think she probably found me to be a rather demanding child as when I decided that I wanted something, I usually found a way to get it! But then, maybe I’m only remembering my own pushing of the proverbial “never take no for an answer” envelope. When I think back, all 4 of us kids were very fortunate in that although we were just an average, middle class family so not rich, we were given many of the things we wanted albeit most often after some pushing of that envelope! 🙂

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I Learned a Lesson – One Day When My Brother Scribbled on the Wall 😆

February 23, 2013

I Learned a Lesson – One Day When My Brother Scribbled on the Wall 😆

Boy - Coloring On A Warm Summer Day in 1964 …

A Saturday … it was probably about mid-July.  I was just 7.  We were waiting for Dad to come home with the brand new car … a 1964 Chevrolet Impala!  The four of us had just been marched from the bedroom my brothers shared out to the kitchen.  We stood in a line as ordered by our mother.  She stood in front of us, arms crossed, mad as hell.  “Who did it” she asked again.  No response from any of us.  “Well.  That’s just fine.  If no one’s going to admit it, then none of you get to see the new car and all four of you are getting a lickin’ from your father when he gets home.  And you can all just stand right there until he gets here.”

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