😃 It’s a Learning Journey!

 It’s a Learning Journey!

On a Journey

November 22, 2012 … first post in my newly minted blog “effgee’s World”! I entitled it  Quite the Journey and proceeded to chatter on about how much I’d learned during the trek from having zero know how to actually getting my blog up and running. Now, almost 4 years later , I’m still chattering, albeit sporadically at times, but chattering none the less here at “effgee’s World”!

And what a learning journey into this “universe” of websites and blogging it has been! Plenty of hick-ups along the way have kept things, shall we say, interesting. None of those hick-ups though has been more interesting … no … downright scary than the most recent “Code Black” (aka – omg … w-t-h just happened) incident! Here’s how it all went down …

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Yikes! Computer Bugs! Again? 😟

January 15, 2013

Yikes … Computer Bugs!  Again??? 😟

Computer - BugOr Should I Say, Yikes … My Computer’s Broken! 

So … after the first Dell fix, everything seemed to be fine … fine that is until I went to print a few days later at which time I unhappily learned that the printer wouldn’t work!  I tried everything I could think of but nothing would do the trick.  What to do, what to do … it was late … I was tired.  I went to bed kinda mad.

The next morning, I was over my mad and thought “no big deal … I’ll just call Dell after work” … simple enough, right?  Wrong!  When I powered up that evening, I found that the “touch screen” had stopped working!  Not surprizingly, this brought on a combination of concern and frustration because as you well know,  this is a brand new computer!  What to do, what to do … stay calm … everything is fixable … but this is a brand new computer … it shouldn’t need any fixing!!!  It was getting late.  I was tired.  I was feeling kinda PO’d about the entire situation and thought it best not to call that evening.  So, I went to bed kinda mad.

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Baby Dino’s Little Bug 🤒

January 1, 2013

Baby Dino’s Little Bug 🤒

DinosaurGot the Scare of My Life!

So there I was, innocently signing off after having worked on my online course for a couple of hours when my computer screen went black.  Yes!  Completely black!  My brand new computer!!!  I tried the couple of so called “remedies” that I know of … ctl/alt/del to get to the task manager … nothing … escape … nothing.  I tried each oh, I don’t know, maybe 6 or 7 times – full of hope with every try that my computer would come back to life but still … flippin’ NOTHING!  Well what choice did I have but to “shudder down” by using the remedy of last resort – press and hold the power button!  (Cue the music … Dun, dun, Dun, dun, Dun!)  I’m sure I went into denial after that.  I couldn’t believe what had happened so I simply tuned it out thinking that the computer would somehow just fix itself.  And then, away I went to pick up some groceries.

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The Baby Dino Has Arrived! 🤗

December 9, 2012

The Baby Dino Has Arrived! 🤗

And She’s Faster Than the Speed of Light!

ComputerWell, the brand new Dell  computer is up and running!  And “wow”!!!  What a difference!  From the time the power button is pushed to the time I’m surfing the net or checking my email  is like a flash compared to the old one.  Funny … I thought the same thing when I got the old one all hooked up … and the one before that and the one before that, lol!  They all seem to slow down with age!  I must say though, this new one is super fast by comparison … I’m impressed!

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A Baby Dinosaur for effgee! 😆

December 1, 2012

Dinosaur                                                    A Baby Dinosaur for effgee! 😆

It all started the other morning when I was chatting with a co-worker … we got to talking about computers and of course, I had to whine a little about the dinosaur I currently have and how it will have to be replaced soon.  Oh and I got right into the “they’re old before you get them out of store and what’s up with that” gripe.  Then she reminded me that our company has a computer purchase program AND we get a discount from Dell .  That was all it took … I had a look on the internet and then mulled it over for awhile.  Of course, I easily came up with a ton of reasons why I should buy a new computer and couldn’t really think of any reasons why I shouldn’t.  Well guess what?  You know it baby!  My my brand new Dell Inspiron One 23 Touch c/w an Inspire T12 Stereo Speaker System and a Dell V525w Wireless All In One Printer is on the way!  (Can’t wait!  Oh, and sorry about that Future Shop … maybe next time!)  This thing is mega cool … no tower … the “innards” are built into the touch screen!  Comes with lots of “stuff” like a 3rd gen Intel Core processer, 8GB of ram, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard … I dare say that the list is decently long!  Got a very good deal on Microsoft Office, an excellent 4 year warranty and McAfee for a full 3 years for … get this … $49!!!!  I just paid $83 (with tax) for my 1 year Norton renewal barely a week ago!

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A Dinosaur Already? 😧

November 26, 2012

Dinosaur                                     Is My Computer A Dinosaur Already? 😧

It seems like only yesterday that I purchased my first computer … well, not really, haha … I bought the 1st one in 1995 (that’s funny … we always remember our 1st car and now we remember our 1st computer too!)  I’m on my 5th one so on average, a computer seems to be lasting me about 3.4 years.  I’ve had this one for over 4 years now and wasn’t the message sent home that it’s ancient the other day when the internet went wonky and I had to call Telus.  When nothing seemed to be working, the tech asked me how old my computer was.  I said “over 4 years old” and the next thing I heard was the collective “Ooohhh … well, that might be causing some of this”.  We did get everything working again but I couldn’t help but think “Oh crap … cha-ching!”

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