What’s with Donald Trump Anyway?

Written on July 2, 2018


So what’s up with Donald Trump and the way he’s treating the rest of the world anyway?  Ok … I’m gonna get right to it … in my view, he’s nothing more than a loud-mouth bully (and that’s putting it kindly) who doesn’t seem to have a clue about being the leader of a country such as the United States of America.  And those insulting, mostly inaccurate “ad lib” speeches of his!  (Seriously???)  I believe it was Seth Meyers who recently quipped that Donald Trump “is a poor imitation of a stand-up comic” … that’s exactly what I was thinking! … I laughed so hard! 🤣

Why I ask, is Donald Trump kicking the USA’s long-time allies in the teeth?  (I know!!!  Good question, eh!)  From NATO to the UN;  from the world-wide trade war he’s started to his pig-headedness around NAFTA (which is pretty close to home).  He’s thinks he such a good negotiator – huh!  I think that Donald Trump’s behaving like a jerk!

Oh – and another thing – why’s he cozying up to Russia like that?  Donald Trump seems to be way too “buddy/buddy” with Vladimir Putin for my liking (please don’t get me started ’cause that’s a whole other topic … I actually didn’t mind Putin until Russia took up with Syria’s dictator … and the invasion of Crimea … oh yes – I sure mind Vladimir Putin now … I mind him a whole lot).

The saddest part – Donald Trump “is” what so many Americans are … eewww!  And they all crawled out on election night!  (I really miss Barack Obama …)

So there it is … my “hardly any holds barred” thoughts!  And now you know how I really feel about Donald Trump (lol).  Just setting the stage for my “Current Affairs” post to come!  Yikes!

  PS:  I’m a proud Canadian!   

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