My Little Tornado 🌪

My Little Tornado 🌪

My Little TornadoI was delighted when Jacki sent a text to ask if I would like to have a Grandma Day with Nico on the coming Sunday. Well … you don’t have to call me twice for dinner!!! “Of course!”, I texted back. “What time shall I pick her up?”    And oh what a day we had! I keep forgetting just how busy a 2 year old is … wow!!! What fun though! I had the best day ever with Nico, my little tornado! 😃

As usual, I arrived about 10 minutes late, lol. I rang the doorbell and heard Jacki say, “Who’s that Nico? Who’s at the door?”, followed by the pitter-patter of two little bare feet running across the hardwood floor. When the door opened, I was greeted with the biggest grin as Nico presented me with her shoes. “Hello cutie pie Nico!”, I said, my face beaming with happiness to see her. “I really like your hairdo!!! Do you want Grandma to help you with your shoes?”

I caught up with Jacki for a few minutes while she loaded up Nico’s little backpack … would be spending most of the day working on a paper that’s due on Tuesday … lots of homework but the course is going great … Nico’s been singing and talking up a storm … work’s good … being trained as a relief tech on the staff helpdesk … might have to give up Dabby the Cat (big teary-eyed hugs). And then, before I knew it, Nico was buckled up safely in her car seat and I was hugging Jacki one more time. “Have a great day Hun!”, I called as we pulled away from the curb, all three of us waving goodbye.

Sleeping TornadoThere was some giggling going on in the back seat as I heard the sound of velcro being torn open. “Shoe … shoe”, Nico was saying as she took off her runners. I chuckled, reminded that she’d been removing her footwear within minutes of getting in the car ever since she could! “Ok then, shoes off!”, I replied. There was a bit more happy chirping and giggling before it grew quiet and as I glanced over my shoulder, I could see that Nico had fallen asleep.  “Oh dear,” I thought. “It’s less than 20 minutes to Safeway and then I’ll have to wake her up!”


Sally the DogSally was super excited to see Nico, who, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrilled about seeing Sally! And she was quite vocal about it too! “Aaaahhhhh!” Nico hollered at her in the loudest 2 year old voice she had. “Sally, get down! Leave Nico alone!” I scolded. She’s such a friendly but kinda hyper little dog! I have no worries that she’d ever bite Nico … Sally doesn’t have a mean bone in body … but her persistence gets kinda tedious after a while. (She listens really well …  and always does as she told too … for about 10 seconds! lol.) Sally did finally calm down but she followed Nico around all day, snooping into pretty much everything she touched!

Nico's ChairWith Sally momentarily out of her way, Nico ran over to her bright pink, kiddie-sized plastic Adirondack chair, plunked down and grabbed a puzzle from the small pile of storybooks and puzzles I had set out on the coffee table that morning. I half filled her special, plastic mason jar shaped cup (complete with a lid and straw) with a mix of 2/3 chocolate milk 1/3 2%. She sipped her milk while we worked intently on one of the puzzles for the next few minutes. Like a typical toddler, no sooner did we finish it than a giggling Nico dumped the puzzle over onto the floor, lol. She grabbed a storybook which we looked at for a minute or two and then off we went on a tour of the house. I let her press some of the buttons on the portable air conditioner in my room and showed her the framed pictures of her that adorn my dresser. Nico checked out the bathroom smiling mischievously as she flushed the toilet, climbed upon it and leaned over the sink. She put her hands under the tap and let me know that she wanted them washed then flushed the toilet again before we headed into my office/2nd bedroom. Short visit … nothing very interesting in there, lol. On our way back to the living room, Nico dragged the small area rug from the foyer to the living room, spread it out and carefully set her little pink chair on it.

Little TornadoThe real fun began though when I asked Nico if she wanted to help me make lunch. Her face lit up and she ran to the kitchen table, grabbed the closest chair and hauled it over to the island. Up she climbed, eager to help. I jabbered away explaining what we were going to do as I collected everything we would need to make scrambled eggs with cheese and toast. I helped Nico crack 4 eggs into a small bowl then gave her some shredded cheese to throw in. I handed her a fork and asked her to mix it all together. She was pleased as could be! (And she did pretty good job too!) We buttered the toast together then Nico set one piece on each plate next to the scrambled eggs I had divvied up. She climbed down off the chair, scampered over to the kitchen table and climbed up on another chair, grinning from ear to ear. “Let’s eat!” I said as I headed over to the table with our plates, me too grinning from ear to ear!


After lunch, I lowered the blinds and started the movie “Finding Nemo“. Nico sat in her little chair, eating pieces of mandarin orange, quietly watching the movie. She fought it as long as she could but someone who’s only 2 still needs an afternoon nap! When my little tornado began sobbing, asking for her Mommy, I quickly scoped her up and headed over to my rocking chair telling her softly that Mommy was working on her homework today and we would see her later. I turned the volume down low while we rocked and rocked, me quietly singing “Bushel and a Peck“. The sobs became whimpers and before long, my little tornado was fast asleep. I kept rocking for a while … it felt good watching Nico sleep in my arms. “She’s so sweet and beautiful.”, I thought. “Grandma loves you lots and lots cutie-pie Nico.” I whispered, kissing her forehead gently.

Sleeping TornadoUp the stairs I crept, babe in arms hoping that one creaky stair wouldn’t wake her. I laid her down on my bed placing the pillows carefully around her to keep her from falling should she roll over. Another kiss on the cheek and one more whispered “Grandma loves you sweetie” while I backed away. I closed the door part way and tiptoed back downstairs.

The kitchen/living room area looked as though a hurricane had swept through (or was it my little tornado??? … lol). “Later”, I thought as I plunked down in that rocker recliner, raised the footrest, closed my eyes and nodded off.


A little more than an hour later, Sally and I both perked up when we heard Nico crying. I raced upstairs to find her sitting there on my big bed, waiting for me. After some yogurt and a drink of water, we took Sally for a walk to the small park a block or so from my place. We stopped at the mailbox on the way back to pick up a week’s worth of junk mail and spent rest of the afternoon watching the movie and drawing pictures. Nico loved it when I traced around her hands and feet … so much so that, much to her delight, I traced them over and over … and over! 

For supper, we had sweet potato fries, “shake n’ bake” chicken breasts and a bit of cooked cauliflower … well, I had cooked cauliflower … Nico didn’t go near it, lol. Not long after we finished eating, it was time to start getting ready to go. We called Jacki to let her know we were on our way and wasn’t I just thrilled when I handed the phone to Nico and heard her repeating me, saying “Hi Mommy!”, with a big grin.


We walked along the sidewalk hand in hand towards hers and Jacki’s place when suddenly Nico broke free and ran to up to the screen on the open living room window of their small, basement suite apartment. “Mama, mama!”, she called. “Hello my love!”, Jacki answered back. “I’m coming!” … 🙂

Such a happy reunion! The 2 of them kissed, snuggled and giggled while I chattered away about the absolutely great day Nico, Sally and I had spent together. A tired Nico laid her head on her Mommy’s shoulder while Jacki told me about her day. One more trip to the car to gather the car seat and double check to make sure nothing had been left behind. Then, back at the apartment, a big “group hug” with an exchange of “I love yous” and kisses good-bye. “See you soon my sweets!” I said as I closed the door and headed out. 🧡💚💜


Exhausted after day with my little tornado!By the time I pushed open the patio door, it was getting close to 8:45 pm. I looked around at the disarray and smiled, “My little tornado sure had a fun day!”

Yup … Nico is a busy little toddler! But she’s fun busy, and happy as can be! From standing on a chair modeling in my summer hat and sun glasses to emptying the utensil drawer starting with the measuring spoons laughing her head off, while she sent them flying to the floor with one swoop of her little arm … she’s curious, mischievous and cute as a button! And I can hardly wait for my next Grandma day with my cutie-pie granddaughter, Nico, my little tornado! 💚💜🧡

Keep smiling!


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