Suds in the Bucket 🎸

Suds in the BucketOne of my Dad’s favorite pastimes was playing the electric guitar.  He used to spend hours practicing in the “radio room” downstairs in the house on 64th Avenue  and he was pretty good at it too!  Well … back in 2004, Sara Evans released a tune that went to #1 on the country charts called Suds In The Bucket.  It’s definitely one my favorite songs and to this day, every time I hear it, I think of my Dad!  I smile as I picture him up on a stage, playing lead guitar in a country band performing Suds in the Bucket ( twang, twang, dadang, dadang, dadangle, lang, lang  …).  Yup, I think Wally may have missed his calling … he should’ve been country musician!  (Lucky for me I guess that he kept his day job! ).  Anyway, here’s a link to Sara Evans’ video on youtube –> Suds in the Bucket.  Enjoy!

Suds in the Bucket

Suds In The Bucket

By:  Sara Evans

She was in the backyard – they say it was a little past nine
When her prince pulled up – a white pickup truck
Her folks shoulda seen it comin’ – it was only just a matter of time
Plenty old enough – and you can’t stop love
She stuck a note on the screen door – “sorry but I got to go”
That was all she wrote – her mama’s heart was broke
That was all she wrote – so the story goes

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🎸 Jon Pardi … “Head Over Boots”

Head Over BootsI totally like this song and the first time I heard it, I felt certain that it wouldn’t take long for Jon Pardi’s Head Over Boots to make #1 on American Country Countdown.  As predicted, this was the week!  I love the old time country sound … reminds me of the Hank Snow, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash era.  Here’s a link to Jon Pardi’s video on youtube –> Head Over Boots.  Enjoy! 😃

Head Over Boots

Head Over Boots

By:  Jon Pardi

I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight
I wanna love you and hold you tight
Spin you around on some old dance floor
Act like we never met before for fun, ‘cause you’re the one I want, you’re the one I need
Baby, if I was a king, ah, you would be my queen
You’re the rock in my roll
You’re good for my soul, it’s true
I’m head over boots for you

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Hit By A Motorbike! 😖

Hit By A Motorbike! 😖

Hit By A MotorbikeYou may recall a post from June 2016 called “The New Bicycle” … well … this is the tale of one of my adventures (or misadventures! lol) on that turquoise Schwinn … yup, this is the account of that time I got hit by a motorbike!  (Ouch!!!)

It was a beautiful summer evening in 1966 … my bestie Donna and I were out riding around Argyll on our bikes.  Oh the freedom kids had back then!  I was 9 … Donna was 10 … the neighborhood was basically the “territory” that we were allowed to roam almost at will.  Of course, we always had to tell our Moms where we were going, who we’d be with and that we’d be home by dark but other than that, the era allowed for kids to be gone for hours at a time … free to explore, have adventures and have fun!!!  Free to get into all kinds of predicaments too … 😜

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My Little Tornado 🌪

My Little Tornado 🌪

My Little TornadoI was delighted when Jacki sent a text to ask if I would like to have a Grandma Day with Nico on the coming Sunday. Well … you don’t have to call me twice for dinner!!! “Of course!”, I texted back. “What time shall I pick her up?”    And oh what a day we had! I keep forgetting just how busy a 2 year old is … wow!!! What fun though! I had the best day ever with Nico, my little tornado! 😃

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