Just Can’t Resist ๐Ÿ˜œ

Just Can’t Resist

I managed to hold my tongue throughout the presidential nomination race in the US and I told myself that I wasn’t going to weigh-in on the upcoming presidential election campaign … but I just can’t resist! It’s going to be so nasty! I mean, jeez, the nomination race was entertaining enough as the wanna-bees trashed and bashed each other right to the bitter end. But the presidential election campaign itself …ย oohhhh … that’s gonna be so good!

This is history in the making! One need onlyย look at what’s going on … a woman has been nominated as the presidential candidate of a major American political party for the first time ever! That’s pretty amazing! And like her or not, Hillary Clinton, if Wikipedia is accurate,ย has the education (she’s a lawyer and law professor) and experience (First Lady, Secretary of State, Senator of New York and more). There’s no denying, she’s certainly qualified for the job.

Then there’s Donald Trump … never been elected to office at any level. Admittedly, again,ย if Wikipedia is accurate, he does have a Bachelor of Science in economics from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and he is very obviously a savvyย businessman … but … President of the United States?ย Oh my! โ˜นย Yikes!

Other than the basics, I don’t fully understand (nor do I purport to understand) the political system in the US. And while I’ve learned a bit over the years mainly through the news (which you all know I’m a huge fan of!) and a little research, I’m still very much a layperson. Wow though! The 2 parties are practically polar opposites in their platforms. There’s just no in-between which is too bad because aย moderate party with a nice blend of Republican and Democrat leanings would probably do the best job for the country and the world. It seems that the American system forces people to be as extreme as their candidate. If they elect Donald Trump, they get his extreme views. So even if a member of the Republican party or the American voter at large is moderate in their own Republican beliefs, if they want to be loyal to thoseย beliefs (and the party) they’re stuck with him. And so would be the rest of the world!

My own political leanings are more closely aligned with theย Democrats down there just as I lean to the Liberals here in Canada.ย I’d say it’sย about aย 65/35 splint … ย maybe 60/40 in favor of the Democrats. But even that 40% of me that supports the Republicans just can’t go along with about 90% of Donald Trump’s platform. Plus, I don’t think his ideas wouldย bode well with the rest of the world and I have a feeling that he would lead all of us into World War III. I know, it seems as though we’re already in the midst WWIII but we haven’t seen the half of it if NATO gets any more involved than it is.

Can Hillary Clinton do a better job? I think so. She knows the inner workings of the White House, she’s been a player on the world stage for a long time and she is by far …ย  and I do meanย by farย … more diplomatic than Donald Trump.ย (omg … some of the stuff that falls out of that man’s mouth … unbelievable!!!)ย Is she shady? Maybe.ย Is Donald Trump shady? hhmmm … probably. They both deny it. I must say though, all of the “pot calling the kettle black” that’s coming from both sides is what’s keeping it all so darn interesting!

So there you have it … my two bits worth to date. I tried butย I just can’tย resist throwing them out there! And I’m sure I’ll have more to say as the presidential election campaign progresses between now and November.

Keep smiling!ย ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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