Tribute to Alicia ๐ŸŒฟ

ย Tribute to Aliciaย ๐ŸŒฟ

My sister-in-law passed away onย July 16, 2016 and although Randy had let us know that Alicia had terminal cancer, when word came from him that she had died, I felt so sad. His world, forever changed … his family’s world, forever changed. At her funeral the following Thursday. I was touched seeing the big, loving family Alicia and Randy had created during the 29+ years they were together and felt compelled to write this tribute to Alicia, my brother’s wife who was also a mom, step mom, grandma, great grandma, sister, aunt and friend.

I didn’t know Alicia very well. She and Randyย moved to a town about 3.5 hours away not long after they met. We all got busy with our lives and while there were occasional get-togethers, the years just slipped by. My favorite time spent with them though was during the visits I had when they camped in their holiday trailer at a lake near here for a number ofย summers. (Randy was working in Edmonton at the time so they stayed at the lake during the summer). I always so enjoyed catching a glimpseย into their world! I saw what good friends Randy and Alicia had become with Russ and his then girlfriend Theresa who camped with them at the lake for most of those summers. I still chuckle remembering that although Alicia was usually pretty quiet, she was never without a good comeback to whatever banter was going on between her and Randy. There wereย always plentyย of laughs during those visits!

Alicia’s final farewell was very simple. Pretty well all members of the big, beautiful blended family she and Randy had become, two of Alicia’s sisters from back home, (Newfoundland and Labrador), Russ and I, and a group of their good friends gathered at the cemetery on the edge of town. There was a short service. My brother managed to hold back his tears but his pain was evident as he picked up Alicia’s urn and placed it in the niche. My own tears flowed for this huge loss my brother was suffering … for the huge loss the whole family was suffering.

Following Alicia’s inurnment, there was a luncheon at the local Elks Hall. Russ and my niece Dianne, who both knew the majority of the people in attendance, provided me mini-bios of the various folks as they stopped to say hello and reminisce for a few minutes. Randy visited with most everyone then settled in at our table. He put on a brave face and even had a few good laughs but those moments when he seemed lost in thought and even a bit bewildered weren’t lost on me.

Alicia and Randy’s son-in-law, Chad made it about half way throughย the farewell message Alicia had written before he had toย call on his wifeย Dale, Alicia’s daughter (Randy’s step daughter) to take over. ย He, like everyone else in the room, got so very choked up. Alicia had a word for each of her kids (and step kid), grandkids and great grandkids. ย That thoseย words meant a lot to all of them was unmistakable. Alicia was loved by everyone in that big, happy family and she will be so missed.

Although Randy’s road ahead is going to have some very tough moments, he’s surrounded by his family and I know they will help each other grieve this loss. And while she died far too soon, I’m glad that Randy and Alicia found each other all those years ago … gladย that Randy has so many good memories of time well spentย with Alicia.

Rest in peace Alicia.ย ๐Ÿ˜ข



๐Ÿ˜ย In lieu of flowers, Mom, Terry, Russ and I will be making a donation to Compassion House in memory of Alicia Glazier.

๐Ÿ™‚My niece, Dianne Glazier also wrote a very nice piece about Alicia, her step Mom … it’s posted on her blog –>ย

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