Political Leanings … A Touchy Subject! (Part 1) 🇨🇦

April 10, 2016

🇨🇦 Political Leanings … A Touchy Subject! (Part 1)  

They say that if a person wants to get into a spat (or a war, haha), they should just start a conversation about religion or politics. Well, I’m not looking for any trouble, but here goes … this is my political 2 bits worth! 😃

🇨🇦 First though, a caveat to alleviate potential misunderstandings … I feel so very grateful, blessed and lucky to live in a free country where a solid and deeply entrenched democratic process is the law. A country where vote rigging has a relatively low risk of actually occurring … where our elected officials aren’t perfect by any means but are rarely outright dangerous criminals, total lunatics or religious fanatics. Our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms isn’t perfect either BUT to live where having a Charter is sacred to the vast majority of citizens … well the way I see it, it’s a truly fortunate spot to be in and I try to appreciate it.

While my parents always exercised their right to vote, politics and government was never really a topic of discussion at the dinner table so my political bent developed over time through my education, life experience and ongoing observations of both my “micro and macro” worlds. My political leanings are fluid in that I’ve never been “stuck” on any one particular party. At both the federal and provincial levels, my support is largely dependent on the leaders of the day, what’s going on locally, nationally and internationally and most importantly, which leader/party I think can best handle it.

The most recent elections that I voted in are good examples of exactly that! So, let me start with the 2015 provincial election here in Alberta … ahah … emmm … 🙂

At the risk of, oh, I don’t know what (lol), I’ll admit it … I voted for the NDP. Why you ask when in general, I’ve always leaned to having the Conservatives run the province? Well, for one thing, I didn’t agree with the direction the Conservatives were taking and, with all due respect, I just didn’t like Jim Prentice! Not only him but the whole bunch of them had become way too cocky and arrogant for my liking. When Premier Prentice announced in November 2014 that falling oil prices were going to mean tough times in Alberta but that the government wouldn’t let that affect the “Alberta advantage” in my view, what he really meant was “we’re not going to change the already “stupid low” business and corporate tax in this province, rather this problem will be carried on the backs of everyday working people” – people just like you and me! Yes, yes … I know … the Conservatives are a right wing party so philosophically, they do favor business and the economy over the man on the street. But during hard times, the people want to be given a different consideration than that which they’re willing to put up with during the good times. And once the election campaign started, as far as I’m concerned, Jim Prentice and the Conservatives absolutely missed that boat! They so forgot, ignored and stepped on the people continuing along in the usual Party fashion of placating and favoring their cronies and big business. They downplayed and swept under the carpet things like the international concern around the environment and Alberta’s contribution to the problem (real or imagined). For me, the Conservatives no longer inspired confidence and direction for the province. The Party’s true colors were so obvious and prevalent in the months and weeks before the pompous, then premier called the election … it was kind of pathetic actually! Then there’s the Wildrose party … they didn’t grab me then and still don’t grab me today. The provincial Liberals though … well, let’s just say that like the Conservatives, that ailing party needs to rebuild from the ground up!

So, in the end, this time around it was the leader of the NDP, Rachel Notley and the strong platform that she and the NDP ran on that moved me to support a party that I never dreamed I would support … never, ever! And today, about 1 year since she took office, well, suffice it to say, I think she’s doing the best that can be done in leading our province through the worst economic times we’ve seen in decades! Not only that, but she’s proving to have a very strong voice on the national stage too … did you hear her speech at the federal NDP convention on April 9, 2016?  Wow! She’s one very smart lady, an inspiration and a true leader … I have the utmost respect for her.

It’ll be interesting to see where we Albertans go from here. Will the NDP have some success in weaning us off coal based energy and on to wind and solar energy? Will they be able to move our province forward with diversification of the Alberta economy making us less dependent on oil production? (I so agree with the NDP’s notion that we need to prepare for the future … dependency on oil production and distribution isn’t going away anytime soon but just look what happens when demand tanks over an extended period of time!!) Will Premier Notely and the NDP succeed in getting the rest of Canada on board with pipeline expansion? As I say, the world’s dependency on oil will eventually diminish greatly but that’s still a long way away. In the meantime, we need to have those pipelines built! Alberta and Canada need the jobs and economic prosperity that getting Alberta oil to market always brings. And in my view, Premier Notely and the NDP is the best party to bring that notion to fruition!

Coming soon – Political Leanings … A Touchy Subject (Part 2) … 😃

Keep smiling!


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