Lazy? That’s a Bit Harsh! 😄

March 6, 2016

Lazy? That’s a Bit Harsh! 😄

Couch PotatoOr is it? Merriam Webster defines procrastinate in part as “to move or act slowly so as to fall behind; typically implies blameworthy delay especially through laziness or apathy”. Up to the “so as to fall behind” part of the definition, it all seemed so innocent! But then I looked up from my computer and thought … I haven’t dusted in 2 weeks because I “just didn’t feel like it” but now, I’ve “fallen behind” and I’m “procrastinating” about getting off my butt and doing it. Same with the Christmas lights I’d strung around the deck rail (because I just haven’t felt like it) and the cleaning up/organizing of the basement (because it’s going to entail a lot of “sorting of stuff” for donation to the Good Will Store or Value Village).

Is it so wrong to just sleep in Sunday morning till 10:00? And then, to spend the day doing not much of anything save 2 trips to Starbucks for a morning and afternoon latte, surfing the net, a bit of writing and now, just waiting for the alarm I set to remind me to switch the radio to the Sunday evening news, Global National followed by CTV News … is that so wrong? Is it so wrong to do pretty much nothing all day? Am I “lazy and apathetic” because I quite enjoyed spending my day in this way? Am I???

I think not! So what if  I slept in, didn’t dust, didn’t take the Christmas lights down and didn’t get at the basement! Is the sky going to fall? Of course not!!! What’s the worst outcome? Those chores don’t get done for another day, week, month (omg! I am lazy and apathetic!!!).

It’ll all get done eventually.  I’ll dust when I can write my name on the coffee table over top the one I wrote in the dust the week before. (Lol … not really! But I’m not doing it today that’s for damn sure!) The Christmas lights will have wait now too because it’s snowing … oh darn. (I was going to take them down today, honest I was!) And the basement? Well, I make no promises other than it’s “on the ever-growing list”. But for now … where’s the remote? It’s time for the news!

Keep smiling!


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