Childhood Friendships … Some Last A Lifetime! 😀

May 4, 2014

Childhood Friendships … Some Last A Lifetime! 😀

ButterflyYes, some childhood friendships do last a lifetime!  I’m reminded of that every time I think of my dear friend Donna.  We grew up living 5 doors apart and practically lived at each other’s houses from childhood to our early teens.  Oh … some of the adventures we had during those years!

It had probably been at least 11 or 12 years since we last got together … we recently reconnected though just after Donna’s Mom passed away.  Linda, who also grew up with us called to tell me.  I felt sad and could only imagine the grief Donna must have been feeling.  I sent her a card … “so many good memories”, I wrote.  Donna responded with a birthday card!  (I’ve never forgotten hers either … I think of her every year!)  She wrote such a nice note … left her cell number and said “I’ll be back and forth between home and there over the next few months … let’s get together soon!”

We met for dinner the other night … and it was great to see her again!  Donna was always a very pretty girl and she’s still absolutely beautiful (inside and out)!  We spent over 3 hours talking, laughing and even shedding a few tears!  How fantastic to have a wonderful friend who, even when years have gone by, you can sit down with like it was just yesterday when you last spoke!

Donna’s family planned a “Celebration of the Life of their Mom Vivian” which was held yesterday.  It was so nice … wonderful stories about Vivian’s life … a beautiful slide show of pictures of her and her entire family … much more laughter than tears which  is exactly how Vivian would have wanted it I’m sure!

And so many people from my childhood were there!  I remembered all 3 of Donna’s aunts the moment I saw them … “Aunties Mary, Violet and Sally”, and “Uncle Myron” too!.  I’m glad I got the chance to say hello to each of them (I think they remembered me once I gave them a couple of quick reminders).  I said hello to Donna’s sisters Lori and Cheryl, and her brother Wayne … it has to be 30 years since I last saw them … maybe more!  I had a quick chat with her cousins Lynda and Gayle (wow … I haven’t seen them since I was about 9 or 10!)  Then there were some of the kids who grew up with us … Linda and her husband Gary … Dean and his girlfriend Dianne … Cheryl’s husband Ron … Donna’s husband Ron.  Everyone looked great!  I had such a good “catch up” with Linda!  She’s still bubbly and fun to talk to!  (There really are some “growing up escapades” that you never forget!)

I so enjoyed the “Celebration of the Life of Donna’s Mom”.  Being there took me way, way back in time!  It was good to be reminded of the fun we had as kids … laughing about some of the stuff we were very lucky to have gotten away with … giving each other the “reader’s digest condensed version” of our last 30 or so years … proudly telling each other about our kids … it was all good!

Most of all though, I’m glad that my friendship with Donna has lasted all these years.  She’s such a lovely person!   We most definitely have one of the “childhood friendships” that will last a lifetime!  What a nice treasure to have! 🙂

Keep smiling!


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