Brand New Rides 🚙

February 27, 2016

Brand New Rides 🚙

It was summertime, 1961 maybe ’62 … I don’t remember much about that vacation … bits and pieces … I was still pretty little.  We had camped in Jasper in our big, green canvas tent for a day or 2. I remember driving up the winding mountain road to Miette Hot Springs where I’m certain we went in as us kids would’ve never stopped bawlin’ and hollerin’ if Dad had said no.

1959 Ford FairlaneAnyway, my Gran & Granddad had come with us forming a 2 car convoy barreling down the highway. I think my older brother Randy was riding with them while the rest of us were in my Dad’s 1959 Ford Fairlane … black with a red interior ( <— just like that one). It was a scorching hot day … very dry … we’d been flying along in that big, black boat with all the windows down … not sure though whether we were going on to BC or if we’d been there and were heading home …

Then … we were stopped on the shoulder.  Dad and Granddad were outside talking. The Fairlane had broken down and Dad was pissed off! It was either the transmission or the radiator … not quite sure … BUT … that was the last used car my Dad ever owned! (See I Learned a Lesson One Day)

Is That Where I Get it From?

That’s gotta be it …  that’s gotta be where I get it from … like my Dad, I just really like to buy my rides all shiny and brand new! Admittedly, I’ve owned 2 used cars over my 40 year driving career but that’s it!

The Rides I’ve Owned

1964 AcadianMy first car was 1 of the 2 used cars I’ve owned … a yellow, 4 door, 1964 Acadian which I bought for $500.00 in early 1974 ( <— sorta like that one). It was so cool owning a car in Grade 11/12! Unlike today, very few kids drove themselves to school! I also happened to be steady dating a guy who knew just about all there was to know about cars and had the tools to fix them too!

1976 VegaFebruary, 1977 … bought my first brand new car! A pretty little 2 door, 3 speed, yellow, 1976 Vega that I took right off the lot of Nicholson Chevrolet for $2200 cash ( <— like that one but lighter yellow). Go ahead … laugh and laugh! But I drove that thing for 10+ years! Towards the end though, that poor little car was pretty much done! (Oh, the stories it could tell … at least 3 clutches, strangest fuel pump ever, trips to BC, Saskatchewan, Nevada … rusted floorboards! And my friend Bob P. can tell you all about its final few days and resting place, hahaha! Yup … what a car that little Vega was!!).

1985 Toyota TercelMy next ride (and my 2nd used car) was a silver 1985 Toyota Tercel Hatchback that I bought from my brother Randy in 1986 ( <— very much like that one). That was a pretty good little ride too although I almost wrote it off a month or 2 after I bought it! (Seriously … but that’s a whole other car story … 🙂 ).  I totally loved the “hatchback” style … packed that thing full when Jacki and I moved to Calgary in 1988! Reliable, good on gas … my first front wheel drive vehicle too.

1992 Geo MetroI blasted around in the Tercel until 1992 when I bought my brand new Geo Metro ( <— like that one but black). Oh yay, go ahead … laugh and laugh again! But that little Geo took me all the way to 2004 without costing a ton of money. Not only that but it took Jacki and I back and forth between Calgary and Edmonton many, many a time in good weather and in bad! (Think the QEII during an Alberta snow storm!) And she was packed to the gills when we moved back to Edmonton! Yay, I sure got my money’s worth out that good old Geo … 😃

Come 2004, I leased my silvery green 2004 Chevy Cavalier.

2007 Pontiac G5When the lease was up, I leased and  later bought my red 2007 Pontiac G5 ( <— yup, like these 2). Nothing too exciting … both had some pretty good kick though whenever I put the “pedal to the metal”!



2015 Ford Escape

When the G5 started costing me money with no end in sight, after some thoughtful contemplation, I decided to just go for it! Which is exactly what I did on November 11, 2015 when I bought myself a brand new 2015 Ford Escape! (^ That’s it! 🙂 ) A demo actually but, I got a good deal, it has all the features I wanted … and … I just really like it! So much so that I believe it’s safe to say that I’ll most probably drive an SUV from now on!

Most surprisingly though, I’ve never owned a Ford and thought I never would! (We all know the cliché acronyms … Found On Road Dead and of course, Fix Or Repair Daily … lol) I’m a Chevy girl at heart so this was a ginormous leap as those who know me well will attest to. But … so far so good … absolutely no regrets and I’m very pleased with this latest model of my “brand new rides”.

Yup, there’s something my Dad loved about brand new rides. Dependability? Perhaps. The reassurance of having a warranty? Maybe. The latest bells and whistles? Sure. Most likely though, I’d say it had more to do with the thrill of proudly driving off the lot in a brand new ride! Me too!

Keep smiling!

effgee 😀

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