Another Beautiful Sunday! 😊

February 28, 2016

Another Beautiful Sunday! 😊

DogThe sound of Sally scratching at the bedroom door had awoken me … aahhhh … Sunday morning! Only one better than Sunday is Saturday! 🙂  As I started coming into consciousness, I rolled over and opened one eye … hmmm … just after 9. Back over I went pulling the covers up almost over my head.  My room was super cold … just the way I like it. (And I do mean cold … late winter in Edmonton … window open a 3 or 4 inches … furnace vents in the room closed … fan blowing on me … brrrrr!). As I drifted off again, my only thought was “just a few more minutes … just a few … zzzzzzz …”

Woman - Waking Up “Ok, ok!”, I mumbled as the scratching became more intense, “Just a sec Sally”. 9:30 … she must really need to pee … come to think of it, me too! I reached for my cell phone and opened my FitBit app … wow, 8.2 hours of sleep with only 2 “awake” and 4 “restless” periods! Stretched a bit and sat up.  “Dam … my room’s frickin’ freezing!”, I thought as I pulled my yoga pants up.

If Sally were telling it, she’d say it took forever for me to get dressed and open the door. She was “dog” happy to see me … tail wagging furiously … little yelps of “I wuv u, I wuv u … where’ve u been all night?” Such a good little doggie … she’d waited patiently for me to finally get up. Down the stairs we went heading straight for the back door … 🙂

StarbucksCoffee …  oh yay … gotta me some of that! Splashed some water on my face, ran the comb through my hair, brushed my teeth and out the door we went heading straight for Starbucks!

“Darn”, I mumbled as we pulled up to the drive-thru, “Great minds think alike I guess … look at this lineup!” Sally looked at me blankly, still shivering, waiting for the Escape to get warm enough for her liking (I was fine, lol … she shivers till it’s cooking in there! 🙂 ). “Oh well … it’ll move fast.”, I said. “Look – here we go already”. Sally’s tail started to wag. I reached over and gave her a little neck scratch smiling to myself knowing that she would happily agree with anything I said.

Boots off, cookie for Sally and then … I leaned back in the rocker/recliner, fired up my laptop and took another glorious sip of that skinny latte I’d just picked up, “aahhhhhh … this is going to be so good!”

As I took the last sip of my now barely luke warm latte, I glanced at the time, “Whaaaat! It can’t be 1:18 already! No way, I haven’t been writing since I got home with my latte!” I saved my work and headed upstairs. “This hair of mine must be colored today! No excuses!” Barbara at The Mane Door  had given me a great cut well over a week ago and I didn’t want to waste it by not taking care of those damn roots!

effgeeAlthough I’ve been coloring my hair myself for a bazillion years, I still feel nervous every time I do it … worrying that I’ll end up with blue hair or something. Sounds silly, eh, but it’s true! (Maybe that’s why I always put it off for as long as I possibly can!) So, when it was all said and done this time, I was relieved (and quite pleased) that my hair was just the shade of blonde that I like best! Whew! (Thanks again Preference by Loreal!)

ButterflyThe rest of my “beautiful Sunday” was rather uneventful … a quick stop at Safeway, a late afternoon skinny latte from Starbucks (yes, I had 2!), a couple of loads of laundry. Oh I know, it all sounds so mundane! Not for me though! 🙂 I so enjoy the peacefulness of my life these days! Puttering around the house, finishing a few chores … feeling genuinely happy and in the moment! Ah yes, life is good!

Keep smiling!


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