Grandma … Now That Has a Nice Ring to It! 👵🏻

February 20, 2016

Grandma … Now That Has a Nice Ring to It! 👵🏻

BabyOn a warm summer evening in early July 2014, my precious daughter gave birth to her own precious daughter and on that warm summer evening, joy of all possible joys, I became a Grandma!

Unfortunately, as circumstances would have it (see Blowing A Gasket), other than the photos that were sent by text, I wasn’t able to actually meet Nico for about 3 weeks but, believe you me, the very moment Jacki put her in my arms, Nico Charlotte owned my heart! Such a beautiful baby girl! Healthy, thriving and so content! It was clear that Jacki had taken to being a Mommy with ease.

As had the photos, holding Nico that day brought on such as array of emotion. So perfect and sweet! I marveled at that brand new, tiny human and was reminded of what a miracle life really is. As we looked into each other’s eyes, I whispered “Hello baby girl Nico! So nice to finally meet you … you’re gorgeous and Grandma Fern loves you to bits!” I thought of the people who had said to me “Time will fly! You’ll blink and she’ll be all grown up so savor every moment!” And how true those words turned out to be! I felt so much love … so much love.

Baby Carriage A week or so after that first, marvelous meeting, my niece Laurie put on a baby shower for Jacki and Nico. What a lovely introduction to the family! Of course, everyone wanted to hold the precious wee one and while she was being passed from one to another, she did exactly what month old babes usually do – yawned, gazed and even slept a little. But then, when my turn finally came around, wasn’t I ever so touched when Nico, my beautiful baby granddaughter, looked up at me and smiled! I felt that indescribable connection again and thought to myself, omg … she sensed it too! And all over again, I felt so much love! That was her only smile of the day too … 😊

Dr Seuss One of the gifts I brought for Nico was the very popular Dr. Seuss book Oh, The Places You’ll Go. I know, I know … that book is often given to kids when they’re a bit older so her Mom may not read it to her for some time to come. But … why not plant the “dream big” and “you can do most anything” seeds as close to the get go as possible!  And who better to spark a child’s imagination than a prolific author of children’s books the likes of Dr. Seuss!!! (Although, with so many good authors of wonderful stories and books for kids, I do hope Nico gathers a whole “library of storybooks” from which to chose 1 or 2 at bedtime each night for her Mommy to read to her!)

Yes … “Grandma” sure does has a nice ring to it and I very happily accept this new moniker! Just as I’d been imagining from the moment I learned that Nico was on the way, I can now say from first hand experience that being a Grandma is AWESOME! 🙂

Keep smiling! 😊


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