Yikes! Computer Bugs! Again? 😟

January 15, 2013

Yikes … Computer Bugs!  Again??? 😟

Computer - BugOr Should I Say, Yikes … My Computer’s Broken! 

So … after the first Dell fix, everything seemed to be fine … fine that is until I went to print a few days later at which time I unhappily learned that the printer wouldn’t work!  I tried everything I could think of but nothing would do the trick.  What to do, what to do … it was late … I was tired.  I went to bed kinda mad.

The next morning, I was over my mad and thought “no big deal … I’ll just call Dell after work” … simple enough, right?  Wrong!  When I powered up that evening, I found that the “touch screen” had stopped working!  Not surprizingly, this brought on a combination of concern and frustration because as you well know,  this is a brand new computer!  What to do, what to do … stay calm … everything is fixable … but this is a brand new computer … it shouldn’t need any fixing!!!  It was getting late.  I was tired.  I was feeling kinda PO’d about the entire situation and thought it best not to call that evening.  So, I went to bed kinda mad.

As it turned out, between being busy, tired and still too PO’d to be certain that I wouldn’t sound off a bit at the helpdesk technician (aka the tech) on the phone,  I put off the call until early Sunday morning (it’s brand new for Pete’s sake … can you blame me???).  Anyway, I got up bright and early … poured myself a coffee and dialed Dell’s number.  Of course, at that hour of the morning, my call was answered right away (oh what a smarty-pants I am eh … calling in before the Helpdesk got too busy!)

Well, the 1st tech took some information and got to work … within about 1/2 an hour, the “touch screen” was fixed. (Yahoo! That was easy!) After explaining what was going on with the printer, he advised that he was transferring me to a printer specialist …

Wow!  Almost 3 hours with him!  The guy tried everything but no luck!  As time wore on, I was getting very bored and even more concerned.  I told him that I knew this wasn’t his fault and that he was trying his best but “Yikes!” I said, “This is brand new computer and printer!  All these bugs and issues are causing me some angst … I’ve never had such problems with any of the brand new computers I’ve purchased over the years.”  And I told him I was really worried about this one!

The printer tech valiantly tried 1 more “fix” but again … no luck.  He then asked me to wait a moment and put me on hold.  Four or 5 minutes later, he came back on the line and told me that Dell had decided to send me new printer!  Happy was I?  Oh yay!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

But alas … my happiness was to be very short-lived.  The next evening when I went to shut down for the night, I moved the mouse about to wake-up my sleeping computer … nothing.  Tapped a few keys … nothing.  Moved the mouse about again (rather frantically this time) … nothing!  Nothing but black screen!  NO-OOOOO!  Not that again!  I could hardly believe it was happening!  What to do … what to do … it was late.  I was tired. I shut it down via the power button.  And I went to bed kinda mad.

I knew I couldn’t put the call to the Dell helpdesk off this time so the next evening, I had a quick supper, made myself a coffee and powered up the computer.  WT … black screen!  Damn!  I was really hoping it would just “work”!  I sipped my coffee, took a deep breath, dialed the number and prepared for another “long fix it session” with a Dell tech.  (They’re always very nice but I’d rather not have to be talking to a tech at all!)  Once again, I got through very quickly.  (And I appreciate that … having to wait for a tech tends to add a bit of salt to the wound!)

So, I told the tech my sad, sad story.  “I’m sitting here looking at a black screen and I’m really quite worried about this computer” I said.  “It’s brand new”.  (During the conversation, the computer came alive 4 or 5 times for a few brief seconds but as soon as I clicked the mouse, it was gone again!)  The tech had been asking questions throughout but he didn’t make any attempt to fix it.  When he was clear about what was going on, he just asked me to hold.  A few minutes later, the tech came back on the line and told me that Dell had decided to send me a new computer!  Happy was I?  HELL YAY!  And very relieved too!  He said it seems there has been a hardware failure that has caused the system to become unstable.  He advised me to shut down the computer using the power button, unplug it for a couple of minutes then start it up again.  He said I will have to do this each time I get the black screen and suggested that I save anything I’m working on at very regular intervals.  My new Dell computer should arrive in 7 to 9 business days.  I still doing the happy dance!

Although the very best service is the service you never have to use, I must say that I’m quite impressed with Dell.  Their techs are knowledgeable, professional and super polite.  They tried really hard to work the bugs out of my computer and when it couldn’t be done in fairly short order, they opted to replace it … and I didn’t even have to ask!  (Same with the printer!).  Funny how things happen … I’ve never purchased an extended warranty for any of my previous computers but for some strange reason, this time I said yes.  It’s a “bumper to bumper” type warranty too.  Needless to say, I’m sure glad I did!  (And tonight, I won’t be going to bed kinda mad!)

What say you?  Do you buy an extended warranty on your electronic gadgets – computers, phones, gaming systems and the like?

Keep smiling!


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