Ah Yes … Life Is Good! 😊

February 3, 2013

Ah Yes … Life Is Good! 😊

Woman - HappyFirst and foremost, I’ve just gotta give a “shout out … yahoo … good for you … so proud … and you go girl!!!”  to my totally fabulous daughter Jacki!  She was recently selected for a position with The City of Edmonton!  (I know, eh!  That’s so awesome isn’t it!  I’m really proud of her!)  Jacki enjoys “helping” people so starting her career as a civil servant in the 311 Information call centre is perfect!  There’s alot to learn too before a person is ready to “go live” in that position … new employees are given 3 weeks of full time training (I was just checking out the website … I didn’t realize how much “stuff” a  311 Information operator has to know!)  We had a good laugh though the other day when she told me they were “going back to the stone age … had a module on reading actual paper maps for transit trip planning … this is harder than you think Mum … don’t laugh till you try it …  and so glad I’m from the tech generation!”  What a great opportunity for job satisfaction, stability, benefits and career advancement.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for my sweet girl! And I’m sure Jacki will be very happy working for The City for many years to come!

The “effgee’s New Tooth” Saga!

I chickened out!!!  I just couldn’t get past the “cutting my gum open and drilling into my jawbone” part of the dental implant option.  I know, I know … I’m just, well, a big chicken … cluck, cluck … 🙂 lol!   So anyway, the dental bridge it was!  I’ve had it for a couple of weeks … I’m likin’ it so far.  Of course, it felt a little strange at first and flossing under there … well … that’s a bit of an art (too funny … a flexible plastic thingie that looks like a sewing needle is needed … you thread the floss through and then push the plastic piece under the bridge … takes a bit of getting used to!)  No regrets … I’m happy with my decision and I really, really like being able to chew properly on both sides of my mouth again.  It looks nice too!  Even though the location of that missing molar made the big gap almost unnoticeable to most, I knew it was there and I really didn’t like it!  Not only that but my jaw seems to fit together much better too … overbite and crossbite and all!!!  Thanks much to Dr. Yoo and the whole team at The Tooth Doctor!!

At Last … The New, New Computer Has Arrived!

It’s here!  It’s here!  I picked it up late yesterday afternoon!  The new, new Dell computer has arrived at last!  The new, new printer (which is still in the box) arrived about a week ago.  Later today I’m going to head over to Future Shop to pick up a memory stick with lots of memory (not so sure I want or need to do the full “transfer” I did with this one … if I can figure out how to put the info I want on the memory stick, then that’s the route I’m going to take).  I’ll also pick up one those “sweep” programs that you’re supposed use to wipe the hard drive clean before giving up possession of a computer itself.  Then, I’ll call Dell and get everything all set up!  (Oh how I hope this new, new computer/printer combo works just fine!  Please, please, please!!!)

Gonna File Them Nails!

Sometimes a person’s just gotta do it themselves … back a few years ago, upon arriving at the groomers’ to pick up Sally, I couldn’t believe it when I saw what had been done to her beautiful plum tail! The groomer had just chopped it off!  The plum was gone!  Her tail looked absolutely horrible!  The rest of her didn’t look all that great either and Sally knew it too (the “look” in her eyes said it all … she’s such a cute little dog … she was totally humiliated!)  As I paid for the “service”, I decided right then and there that even I could do better than that!  I promptly bought 2 pairs of  decent quality “clippers” (a regular size and a small size) and a good pair of scissors … I’ve been taking care of her “shampoo n’ cut” needs ever since! (I’ve gotten pretty good at too …  dare I say so myself!)

Well, as skilled as I’ve become at giving Sally very stylish fur-do(s), I’ve always been afraid to clip her nails.  I find it such a pain to take her in just for nail trimming though!  So, I’ve decided that I’m going to give it try!  Only I’m not going “snip” or “clip” them … I’m going to “grind” them! (I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to snip/clip her nails but I think I could use a small grinder to get the job done!)  And to that end, I purchased one of those grinder type nail trimmers  yesterday at PetSmart!  I’m VERY nervous but I’m also VERY determined (I conquered hair cutting after all … surely I can conquer nail trimming … I think … I hope … lol)  I’ll carefully read the instructions and then, on her next fur-do date, I’m going to trim her nails too!

Ah Yes … Life Is Good!

Yes, life certainly is good!  And time marches on too!.  Here we are into February 2013 already!  We’re on the home stretch now to spring!  Yahoo!  Mind you, as a person who really doesn’t mind winter, I’d say this one’s been ok so far … a tad cold a few times in January … lots of snow which made for some tricky driving conditions … and oh yeah, there was that nasty “slip n’ fall” I took on the parking lot here at my condo back a couple of weeks ago (now that was scary … in a split second – feet – gone right out from under me on glare ice that was covered by snow … landed on my left hip which is quite well padded thankfully … never thought I’d be saying that, lol  … no fractures but man o’ man my neck, shoulders, upper back and arms still aren’t quite right!) … oh, and then there was the loss of my leather file folder the other day (damn it anyway … I left it behind accidentally … when I returned 7 or 8 minutes later, it was gone … fortunately, there was nothing in it but my pen and some note paper… I’m kinda sad though as I’d had it for a long time) … which reminds me … I got a photo radar ticket on the way to work a couple of weeks ago (January 17 …  freakin’ blizzard that morning … traffic was backed up on Vic Trail so I took what I thought would be a shortcut … there I was, just a hoofin’ it down Hermitage Road  when the dreaded “flash” went off in my rear view mirror … seriously you guys???  … even in weather like this??? … frig man!!! … well needless to say, my “$129.00 mandatory donation to the City coffers” notice arrived in the mail last week … can’t complain though … I haven’t had a picture of the backend of my car taken in a good long while … either I’ve been keeping my led foot in check or I’ve learned where most of the photo radar duck ponds are … how could I have forgotten the Hermitage Road pond??? … doh!!! … must’ve been the weather … gotta admit though, photo radar has slowed me down overall!)  Otherwise … when it’s all said and done … this winter of 2012/2013 has indeed been “ok” thus far!

Well, I’m off to Starbucks to get my daily grande non-fat latte  fix (yes, I’ve cut it back to only one daily … I’ve been taking my lunch to work so I’m staying in the building all day … no more lunch time lattes for me!).  After that, a quick stop at Future Shop … on to Safeway to pick up some groceries (bonus Airmiles with the email coupon this weekend!) and then home where I’ll call Dell so we can get to work on the new, new computer!  I think I’ll watch a movie later in the afternoon … or maybe I’ll take a nap, enjoy a late supper and then watch a movie … it’s my flexday tomorrow so I can stay up as late as I want!  Ah, yes … life is good!

But I can’t leave without asking, so what say you???

Keep Smiling!


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