Baby Dino’s Little Bug 🤒

January 1, 2013

Baby Dino’s Little Bug 🤒

DinosaurGot the Scare of My Life!

So there I was, innocently signing off after having worked on my online course for a couple of hours when my computer screen went black.  Yes!  Completely black!  My brand new computer!!!  I tried the couple of so called “remedies” that I know of … ctl/alt/del to get to the task manager … nothing … escape … nothing.  I tried each oh, I don’t know, maybe 6 or 7 times – full of hope with every try that my computer would come back to life but still … flippin’ NOTHING!  Well what choice did I have but to “shudder down” by using the remedy of last resort – press and hold the power button!  (Cue the music … Dun, dun, Dun, dun, Dun!)  I’m sure I went into denial after that.  I couldn’t believe what had happened so I simply tuned it out thinking that the computer would somehow just fix itself.  And then, away I went to pick up some groceries.

After shopping, a load of laundry and a quick lunch, I turned on the computer once again and as above, I just expected it to somehow work … NOT!!  Nothing but black screen!  Now I was starting to panic a little … I mean, I’ve only had the stupid thing for what, a couple of weeks and I’ve got a black screen that I have no idea how to fix …  yikes!

After searching frantically for the Dell Support  phone number, happily, I was able to reach the right place with ease and after waiting less than 2 minutes,  it was my turn for “help!”.  The tech asked a few questions and advised me to manually shut the computer down then unplug both it and the printer.  (Doh!  That’s a remedy I had completely forgotten about!)  Several seconds later, I plugged the computer back, hit the power button and sure enough, it was working again!  Needless to say, I was very pleased (well, probably more relieved but pleased none the less!)  Before letting him go, I asked what I’d done to cause the black screen and what should I do to prevent it from happening again.  He asked a few more questions and assured me that I hadn’t done anything wrong.  The tech then suggested that he should have look for himself so I agreed to let him control my computer remotely.  (Cool!  Just like the Helpdesk at work but from the comfort of your own home, lol!)  He looked at a bunch of stuff then advised me that he was going to uninstall and reload the motherboard.  Double Yikes!  The motherboard?  Seriously?  Isn’t that “the computer” itself?  And this one’s brand new!  This process was starting to make me very nervous.  He explained that because Windows 8 is still very new, there are some bugs to work out but by taking the steps he was proposing, he was quite certain that the black screen problem would be resolved.  So, for the next 20 minutes or so, he worked away on fixing the problem.  When he was done, we did a restart to confirm that everything was working and thankfully, it was.

Now that it’s all said and done, I guess it wasn’t quite “the scare of my life” but it really was rather nerve racking … it’s a brand new computer after all!  I have to say though that I’m really pleased with Dell Support … my experience today indicates they are fast, knowledgable and will be there to assist in working out the “bugs” if I can’t do it myself (or if the computer doesn’t just fix itself, lol).

And what say you?  Are you a techie or do you rely on the “helpdesk”?

Keep smiling!

effgee 😀

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