And the World Cried 😢

December 15, 2012

And the World Cried 😢

Such a Sad Event!

  Sorrow What a nightmare … a sad, sad event.  My heart goes out to all of the people in Newton, Connecticut in this time of such horrific tragedy.  How would a parent, a spouse, a sister or a brother even begin to comprehend a loss of this nature?  As in the poem Footprints in the Sand , I pray that every one of them has been scoped up in the arms of their God to be carried along throughout this journey that each is now on but that none could have ever imagined.

From the very early information, it sounds like this unbelievable event revolves around a young man’s catastrophic mental breakdown.  Was it foreseeable?  Is this type of thing ever foreseeable?  I mean, when you think about it, a person who breaks to the point of committing a mass murder … a massacre …  only does it once.  Could anyone ever really know that someone was about to do something so awful?  I’m sad for shooter’s family.  Their lives are forever changed too.

I know this is a time for grieving but part of the grieving process has to include open dialog about the United States and their absolutely ridiculous gun laws.  Are you people kidding me?  Why does any law abiding citizen need to own any type of rapid fire weapon?  Those guns are made for one thing and one thing only and that is to kill as many targets as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.  I simply can’t fathom why anyone would want to own a weapon like that.  Is life in the USA so scary that a family living in an affluent Connecticut neighborhood needed to have a cache of weapons such as the cache that has reportedly emerged as a result of this mess?  What possible reason does anyone other than a soldier or a police officer have for owning a rapid fire killing machine?  One TV commentator said it well with the remark “they have the right to bear arms but they don’t have a right to universal health care.”  I’ve just gotta say – imho – that country is “backward” in regards to both of those issues (yet on the world stage, they still think “they’re all that”!)  I notice too that the extremist NRA – a driving force in the fight to maintain gun laws exactly as they are in that country – has had “no comment” for the media thus far (hhmm-mm).

Clearly this young man was seriously ill … so ill in fact that his condition would have manifested in tragedy regardless of the gun laws.  I just can’t help but think that it would have been a different level of tragedy had American law been such that he had no access to rapid fire weapons.  Could he have murdered over 20 people in a matter of seconds with a knife?  (Mind you, that’s a whole ‘nother topic as in many states down there switch blades are still legal.  Seriously … they are!)  Did you know that Americans don’t have to disclose mental illness when buying a gun down there?  Permits, licences and registration are not required in pretty well every state.  You barely have to show ID.  It’s just that easy … (and it’s just that scary as far as I’m concerned!)

And what say you???  Since this terrible event, President Obama has once again alluded to the need for change “despite the politics”.  Do think the USA needs to enact gun control legislation that – at the very least – makes the sale and ownership of rapid fire weapons illegal?

Keep smiling,
effgee 😐

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