I Luv My Winter Tires! 😍

November 28, 2012

I Luv My Winter Tires! 😍

Woman - DrivingLet it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! Oh stop it … I’m kidding (am too! lol).  But … surprise, surprise!  It does happen every year in most parts of this big, beautiful province … yes … it snows!  Although we all know this is a fact, why is it that about a gazillion of the drivers out there have to learn how to drive all over again every time it snows from November to March!  (People!  Get with the program already!)

I’m one of the other drivers.  You know the ones … we only have to give ourselves a couple of “oh crap … it’s really slippery out here” scares on that very 1st snowfall before we’re pretty much back in the winter driving grove.

Which Brings Me To Winter Tires

Up until a few years ago, I white-knuckled it every winter with the “all season” tires and spent far too many moments convinced that I was never going to make it out of that little snow drift I just sank into at the end of driveway or sliding for what seemed like an eternity as the illuminated brake lights of that ETS bus got bigger and bigger.   And how annoying when the wheels just spin for an embarrassingly long time when trying to get away from a stop (lousy traction with those things I say.)  Yet, we willingly drive in some nasty conditions using those pretend winter tires!  Really????  Well not me … not anymore!  I knew I was done with the “all seasons” a few winters ago …

A fair bit of snow had fallen that year and after an especially brutal storm, the parking lot and driveway here at the condo was drifted in about knee deep (and higher in some spots).  While covered parking is great for eliminating the chore of ever having to scrape frost off the windows in the morning, that roof can’t stop the wind from wreaking havoc with the snow.  One side of my car was drifted in really good.  Even though I was seriously concerned about getting stuck, I somehow managed to get that Chevy out of my parking stall (must have been my awesome driving skills, eh ’cause it sure as hell wasn’t those stupid tires!)  How I got through that parking lot and onto the street, I’ll never know but again, it must have been my awesome driving skills, lol.  I went directly to Canadian Tire to buy a shovel.  Yes I did – a shovel.  Needless to say, that was my last winter with those useless pieces of caca!  DONE! 

I Luv My Winter Tires! 🙂

The following fall, I had snow tires  put on and now, I could never go back!  That little snow drift I mentioned?  Piece of cake!  Those tires just bite right into the snow … they chew it up and spit it out!  Getting away from a stop at an icy intersection?  At least 10 times easier!  Same for stopping behind that big assed bus (and whatever else you’re getting anywhere near to!)  Now – that’s not to say that you can drive like it’s a hot day in August just because you’ve got winter tires … ice is ice and really deep snow is really deep snow!  Even the best winter tires can only do so much.  In my estimation though, winter tires are by far, way, way better than “all seasons”!  Not only do I feel safer having winter tires on, I can’t help but feel a little smug as I get away easily when the light turns green while that poor sap beside me with the “all seasons” just spins and spins and spins … HA!

And How About Mandatory Use of Winter Tires?

I must say that I wouldn’t join a protest if Alberta was to adopt similar legislation to Quebec’s … winter tires are mandatory there.  They might be required in some of the Atlantic provinces too … not sure about that … I’d have to look it up.  I haven’t researched but I’m guessing that the statistics over time will likely show that there are fewer crashes and that the “impacts” in those crashes that do occur are less severe overall.  Just sayin’ … 🙂

So there’s my plug for winter tires!  And now, what say you?

Keep smiling!

effgee 🙂

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