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November 26, 2012

effgee’s Quest for A New Tooth

DentistJust as I do about every 3 months, I made the trek to over to see The Tooth Doctor today.  (I so don’t mind getting my teeth cleaned!)

Right after the cleaning, polishing, fluoride and check-up, Dr. Yoo’s assistant took a pan x-ray … Step 1 in my quest for a new tooth!  (Yes, I think I’m finally going to do it … I’m getting a tooth replacement!  I hope …)  After he reviewed the x-ray, the doc said everything looked good so we can now move on to Step 2 in the suitability process – another specialized x-ray that takes an even closer look at the jaw bone.  He sent the info to my benefits insurer for approval … the cost is a whooping $3500 + $350 for the specialized x-ray!  (I know I’ve got coverage for at least part of this … we’ll see what comes back … I really, really hope that I’m pleasantly surprized!)  Even so, between my dental plan, another awesome $$ benefit that I’m very lucky to receive through work and my own skinny wallet, I’m hoping to have a new tooth in the not too distant future!  (Maybe before Christmas … well … probably not … but shortly after the New Year then!)

That Poor Missing Tooth!

That poor tooth went through hell over the years!  A great big bottom molar, it was filled at least a century ago (lol … long, long time ago) and then, in about 1999 … maybe 2000, it became mega painful to hot/cold and biting down.  (I’m a nighttime clencher which has caused some hairline fractures in a few of my teeth which in turn has caused a few extremely painful teeth!  I have a night guard now which has helped immensely!).  Anyway, I had a root canal done and the tooth was then crowned.  It was all good until about 2003 … maybe 2004 when I developed the worst freakin’ toothache  I’ve ever had!  At the point where I just couldn’t take another minute of it, I found a dental clinic that was open on Saturdays.  The dentist took an x-ray and told me that it had to go.  (What???  I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen to a tooth with a root canal and a crown!)  As it turned out, and most unfortunately for me, the root canal hadn’t been done properly (ggrr-rrr!)  The dentist told me that the abscess was going to happen at some point no matter what.  Well, out came the tooth and ever since then, I’ve had what seems like an extremely HUGE gap on that side!

And ya know what, I’ve really missed that darn tooth!  I felt quite sad about having to have it pulled because as you all know, once a tooth is gone, it’s gone for good.  It’s so final … like a death.  I tried twice to have that molar saved but in the end, it just couldn’t be done … bummer hey!

There Is An Alternative If  This Can’t Be Done

People I’ve chatted with who’ve had a tooth replacement or know someone who has one (or more) all say good things about it … not much down time, no damage to the surrounding teeth, etc.   My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to take the tooth replacement route although, admittedly, I’m a bit nervous about agreeing to let someone drill a hole into my jaw bone then insert a tiny metal post to which a man-made replacement tooth will be screwed on.  The alternative is a bridge which means that the teeth on either side will have to be involved … not my first choice but if I can’t have the tooth replacement, then I’m definitely going with the bridge.

Either way … tooth replacement or bridge … it’s going to be so nice to be able to chew on that side again!!!  (I swear, the taste buds on my left side are wearing out!! lol.)  I have a strong feeling though that the upper tooth that’s going to meet the new tooth when I bite down will soon need a crown as it’s one of the teeth with a hairline fracture.  It hasn’t bothered me since losing the molar but I’m sure it’ll start up again once there’s a surface for it to make regular contact with.  OMG … it just never ends does it!  But, without a doubt, I’m extremely grateful to have my own teeth … overbite and all!

Keep smiling!

effgee 🙂

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