A Dinosaur Already? 😧

November 26, 2012

Dinosaur                                     Is My Computer A Dinosaur Already? 😧

It seems like only yesterday that I purchased my first computer … well, not really, haha … I bought the 1st one in 1995 (that’s funny … we always remember our 1st car and now we remember our 1st computer too!)  I’m on my 5th one so on average, a computer seems to be lasting me about 3.4 years.  I’ve had this one for over 4 years now and wasn’t the message sent home that it’s ancient the other day when the internet went wonky and I had to call Telus.  When nothing seemed to be working, the tech asked me how old my computer was.  I said “over 4 years old” and the next thing I heard was the collective “Ooohhh … well, that might be causing some of this”.  We did get everything working again but I couldn’t help but think “Oh crap … cha-ching!”

The advances that have been made in technology are amazing!  Smaller, faster, more capable … way cool!  And while it’s always fun to buy a new computer, get it all set up and then “learn” your new machine, it’s freakin’ expensive!!!  Add to that the fact that while your brand spanking new computer is already outdated as you walk out the door of the store, after about 2 to 3 years, that $1800 to $2400 purchase (including printer) is pretty much a dinosaur!  Again I say “Oh crap!!”

I’m a terrible computer shopper!  In the early years, Compu Smart was my “go to” computer store.  Once they shutdown, I switched to Future Shop.  I really don’t know much about the inner workings of a computer so I’ve always relied heavily on the salesperson (yeah, and they probably “see me coming” clear across the parking lot too! lol).  I give them the basics of what I use my computer for along with my price range.  A selection of 2 or 3 computers, a description of why one would probably be better for me than another, a totally internal “brand name” bias check (ie – are these computers HP or Dell or some “unknown” manufacturer … I’m a bit of name brand sucker) and out the door I go with my brand new gadget!!

But … this dinosaur is just going to have to do for a while longer I’m afraid.  While it’s so very tempting to check out the Cyber Monday sales, I’m NOT GOING TO DO IT!!  Maybe in spring 2013 … we’ll see!  In the meantime, I’ll have to just baby this one a bit (save whatever I’m doing regularly and re-boot when it gets cranky!!!)

Keep smiling!

effgee 🙂

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