A Baby Dinosaur for effgee! 😆

December 1, 2012

Dinosaur                                                    A Baby Dinosaur for effgee! 😆

It all started the other morning when I was chatting with a co-worker … we got to talking about computers and of course, I had to whine a little about the dinosaur I currently have and how it will have to be replaced soon.  Oh and I got right into the “they’re old before you get them out of store and what’s up with that” gripe.  Then she reminded me that our company has a computer purchase program AND we get a discount from Dell .  That was all it took … I had a look on the internet and then mulled it over for awhile.  Of course, I easily came up with a ton of reasons why I should buy a new computer and couldn’t really think of any reasons why I shouldn’t.  Well guess what?  You know it baby!  My my brand new Dell Inspiron One 23 Touch c/w an Inspire T12 Stereo Speaker System and a Dell V525w Wireless All In One Printer is on the way!  (Can’t wait!  Oh, and sorry about that Future Shop … maybe next time!)  This thing is mega cool … no tower … the “innards” are built into the touch screen!  Comes with lots of “stuff” like a 3rd gen Intel Core processer, 8GB of ram, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard … I dare say that the list is decently long!  Got a very good deal on Microsoft Office, an excellent 4 year warranty and McAfee for a full 3 years for … get this … $49!!!!  I just paid $83 (with tax) for my 1 year Norton renewal barely a week ago!

The “Baby” Will Grow Old So Fast!

I know, I know.  But what can you do?  At way over 4 years old, this computer is really ancient – grr-rrr! 🙁  And the new one isn’t – yay! 🙂  And it’s started freezing up regularly – grr-rrr! 🙁  And the new won’t be freezing up at all – yay! 🙂  And it’s pretty slow now – grr-rrr! 🙁  And the new will be turbo-charged fast – yay! 🙂  It’s time say I!  The Dell rep said it would last me about 5 years but I kinda doubt it … they’ve never lasted that long for me and the clock is already ticking.  It’s the way of the “technology” world we live in today though!  I guess I don’t really mind so much … who doesn’t like getting something new especially when it’s a “pretty big” something new! 😀

More Room On My Desk!

I’m excited about having an almost completely wireless computer system!  I’ve always managed to get everything hooked up and running but no matter what I do, the cords are, well, a big pain in the butt!  Plus they’re ugly and who wants to look at that all the time if you haven’t been able to hide them really good.  The printer will fit perfectly on my shelf unit which will clear a nice space on my desk and I’ll have a bit more storage space with the tower compartment being empty.  This just keeps getting better, lol!  (Pretty much wireless, eh … I luv technology!)

And What Say You?  How old do your computers get before you replace them?

Keep Smiling!

effgee 🙂

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