The Baby Dino Has Arrived! 🤗

December 9, 2012

The Baby Dino Has Arrived! 🤗

And She’s Faster Than the Speed of Light!

ComputerWell, the brand new Dell  computer is up and running!  And “wow”!!!  What a difference!  From the time the power button is pushed to the time I’m surfing the net or checking my email  is like a flash compared to the old one.  Funny … I thought the same thing when I got the old one all hooked up … and the one before that and the one before that, lol!  They all seem to slow down with age!  I must say though, this new one is super fast by comparison … I’m impressed!

“Too Easy” to Hook Up!

Unbelievable!  Instructions:  Carefully remove the computer from box.  Plug it in.  Push the Power button.  Let Windows finish whatever it needs to do.  Go!  It’s that easy!  None of that getting the diagram out and then figuring out which cord goes where!  And no worries about where to place it on my desk either … wireless mouse … wireless keyboard … wireless internet – put it wherever I dang well please!  I did have to call Telus to get help with the wireless internet though … their techs are awesome (and very patient!)  Even that didn’t take too long … called at about 6:30 am on Saturday morning … was put through to a tech right away … sipped my coffee while he walked me through the whole process.  So easy!!! 🙂

“Too Easy” to Complete a  Data Transfer!

Even transferring everything from the old computer to the new one was incredibly easy!  I really didn’t want to be without a PC for who knows how long while the techs at Future Shop  did the job so I googled  it and learned that it really can be done at home.  I picked up the special cable needed to transfer the data for about $40 … read the instructions and less than 35 minutes later … done!!!  Seriously … done!!!  All my contacts, favorites, email, documents … pretty much everything … now resides on the new computer.  (It’s all still on the old too … everything gets copied over … I think … I’m not really sure exactly what the process is).  The only things that didn’t come over were my 3 favorite games.  I have no idea why.  So, I just re-purchased them and now I have them on the new computer  too!  I’m sure there’s probably a way to transfer them over manually but as I  was feeling a bit of “information overload” I thought “screw it … don’t wanna research then learn how to do it … re-buy them and be done with it!”

I’ve been having a great weekend learning all about how my new gadget works!  There’s still lots to explore, set up and “figure out” though so I’m sure I’ll be discovering many little surprizes for next while!

And What Say You?

How about you … do you usually take your new computer in to have the data transferred from your old one or do you tackle the job yourself?

Keep smiling!

effgee 😀

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